GreenMile EV Announces Strategic Acquisition of Omar Electric, Expanding Its Reach in the EV Charging Market

January 25, 2024 – Franklin Park, IL – GreenMile EV, a forward-thinking reseller of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations founded in 2023, is excited to announce its acquisition of Omar Electric, a stalwart in the electrical services industry since 1949. This monumental merger marks a significant step in GreenMile EV’s strategy to expand its footprint in the EV charging market’s commercial, industrial, residential, and service sectors.

A Union of Innovation and Experience

GreenMile EV, known for its innovative approach in the rapidly growing EV charging station market, is joining forces with Omar Electric, a company with a rich history and deep-rooted expertise in electrical services. This partnership leverages GreenMile EV’s cutting-edge technology and Omar Electric’s extensive industry experience, creating a formidable force in the EV charging infrastructure.

Strategic Synergy for a Greener Future

The merger is set to capitalize on the complementary strengths of both entities. GreenMile EV’s modern approach and focus on sustainability perfectly align with Omar Electric’s proven track record and robust customer base. Together, the companies aim to revolutionize the EV charging experience for all customers, from homeowners to large-scale industrial clients.

Expanding Services and Reach

This acquisition enables GreenMile EV to diversify its offerings, adding Omar Electric’s wide range of electrical services to its portfolio. The combined entity will now cater to a broader market, providing comprehensive solutions for EV charging needs across different sectors.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Both GreenMile EV and Omar Electric are committed to maintaining the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards. The merger will enhance service delivery through improved efficiency, broader service offerings, and a stronger support network.

A Win-Win for Stakeholders

This strategic move is not just a win for the companies but also for their stakeholders. Customers can expect a diverse range of high-quality EV charging solutions and services. Employees will benefit from greater opportunities for growth and development in a dynamic, expanding company.

Looking Ahead

The acquisition of Omar Electric is a pivotal moment for GreenMile EV. It aligns perfectly with our vision to lead the charge in the EV infrastructure space,” said Darrell Cain of GreenMile EV spokesperson, Vice President for Business Development and Marketing. “Together, we are poised to significantly impact the future of sustainable transportation.”

For more information about GreenMile EV, Omar Electric, and their future initiatives, please contact:

Darrell Cain

About GreenMile EV

Founded in 2023, GreenMile EV is a leading reseller of electric vehicle charging stations, committed to advancing EV infrastructure and promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

About Omar Electric

Established in 1949, Omar Electric has been a trusted provider of electrical services, known for its quality, reliability, and customer-centric approach.